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Snapple Caps 1/7 - Jack/Liz

Title: Snapple Caps

Author: parisgal3 

Pairing: Jack/Liz

Rating: PG-13 (All parts)

For: ham_napkin  prompt: Snapple caps

Spoilers: Nothing significant

A/N: So, a long time ago, I saw this prompt at ham_napkin and thought it was interesting, so I put my thinking cap on, pulled up Google and this is what came out over quite a long time. This will be in 7 parts, each part prompted by one or more real Snapple caps (yeah, my title is really original, I know). Some parts are very short, some not so short. All in the same universe, all Jack/Liz. The good news is it is complete, so it’s just a matter of me remembering to post the next part every day.


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Jack/Liz head down

I Can't Hold My Peace Forever (You Would Regret It If I Did) - Jack/Liz

Title: I Can't Hold My Peace Forever (You Would Regret It If I Did)
Fandom: 30 Rock
Pairing: Jack/Liz
Spoilers: 4.22 "I Do Do"
Prompt: ham_napkin speak now
Rating: PG
Author’s Note: A little late submission for Round 7

“What is it, Lemon?” Jack asked as he straightened his bow tie in the mirror.

Liz’s head snapped up and her eyes met his in the reflection.

“You’re wringing your hands. And you’ve been quiet since we got here. Are you nervous? You shouldn’t be. I’m the one gaining a ball and chain today.”

“Wow. You make marriage sound just great.”

“Well…” he shrugged.

“Do you love her, Jack?”

“I’m about to marry her.”

“That doesn’t answer my question.”

“She’s pregnant with my child. I…what is this about?” he asked, bewildered.

“Don’t marry her.”

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Jack/Liz head down

Simple Complication - Jack/Liz, PG

Title: Simple Complication
Fandom: 30 Rock
Pairing: Jack/Liz
Spoilers: None, well s4 spoilers in my Author's Note, I guess.
Prompt: ham_napkin : Liz's 40th, and we're back
Rating: PG
Author’s Note: In my world, Avery and Carol do not exist. And this got fluffy all on its own. I swear.


 “Where is Liz?” Jack interrupted Pete’s defense of a sketch they wrote for Tracy.

 “Uh, you know,” Pete mumbled, “she has the thing…with the…hair.”

 “The thing with the hair? That’s what you’re going with as her excuse?” Jack asked incredulously.

 Pete sighed. “I don’t know. What’s going on with you two? She’s been avoiding you hardcore for weeks. What are you fighting about?”

 “I wasn’t aware we were fighting. Lemon obviously believes differently.”

 “Hey, today’s her birthday, did you forget?” Pete asked.

 “I did not. I sent flowers and left a voicemail.”

 “You left a voicemail?”

 “She won’t answer my calls,” Jack sighed. “And I have cupcakes here which she would have if she came to this meeting,” he motioned to a pink box at the corner of his desk.

 Pete’s eyebrows went up as he leaned forward, “What kind of cupcakes?”

 Jack pushed his chair back and stood up, “Walk with me, Pete,” he said as he grabbed the box of cupcakes and started out of his office.

 He was going to put a stop to this once and for all. Liz had been avoiding him for two weeks for some reason he was not aware of. She sent Pete up to talk to him, she answered his emails with as few words as necessary and only acknowledged things pertaining to the show, and she ignored the YouTube links he sent her.

 Well, maybe he had an inkling of what could be bothering her.

 Eight weeks ago, they slept together for the first time. The only time. She crept out of his apartment in the middle of the night and then avoided him for a week. They had a slightly awkward moment when she suddenly showed up at his office door, apologized for leaving his apartment without saying goodbye then insisted that she understood that night would never happen again and that she was not his type.  Had she not added that he was most definitely not her type either, Jack may have protested and talked her into seeing what would come of their one night together. He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t had something that some people may refer to as ‘feelings’ about her in the four years they’ve known each other.

 But he simply nodded and assured her things were fine between them and they would return to their normal, weird relationship.  And they had for four weeks, so he was relatively sure their night together did not cause her to avoid him the past two weeks.

 Jack sighed again as the elevator doors opened and he and Pete headed towards the writer’s room.

 “Where’s Lemon?” Jack asked the group of writers gathered around the table and Frank pointed towards Liz’s closed door.

 “Hey, tell her to save me a cupcake,” Pete said quietly before Jack turned and went over to Liz’s office.

 He knocked on the door and heard some rustling on the other side.

 “Go away,” he heard Liz call out, but he ignored her opened the door, peeking his head in. She glared up at the intruder then quickly turned her head away when she saw it was him. “Did I say you could come in?”

 Jack slipped inside and shut the door behind him, “Have you been crying?”

 “No,” she tried to scoff but it mixed with a sniffle.

 “You are. Lemon, what is going on with you?” he asked, coming around her desk.

 She shrugged, “I got your flowers,” she replied. “’I miss you.’?” She read off the card that came with them.

 “You’ve been avoiding me for weeks, and yes, I do miss you. That’s why you’re crying?”

 “No. I mean, yes, kind of.”

 “I don’t follow,” he said as he sat on the edge of her desk.

 “I miss you too,” she said quietly, reaching out to touch his knee.


 “I’m pregnant,” she admitted. “That’s why I’ve been avoiding you. Because I’m pregnant and I didn’t know how to tell you that.”

 Jack couldn’t hide his initial reaction of shock, but recovered as quickly as possible once Liz made eye contact with him.

 “It’s yours. By the way,” she added.

 “I know,” he smiled and put his hand over hers that was still on his knee.

 “Right. Of course. Because it’s pretty unlikely that I would have had sex with anyone else recently,” she rolled her eyes and pulled her hand away.

 “That’s not what I meant,” he assured her and took her hand again, pulling her out of her chair to stand in front of him. “I have missed you. And I’m sorry you felt like you couldn’t tell me before now.”

 “It’s just…as if that night didn’t complicate things enough…”

 “I don’t think it complicated anything. At least for me, it made things very clear.”

 “It did?” she asked cautiously.

 He put his hands on her hips and pulled her closer between his legs. “I should have made this clearer earlier, but that night was not a mistake for me. The mistake was letting you believe that’s how I felt. And I don’t know about you, but I am very happy about this news.”

 “I’m happy too,” she confessed. “You’re not just saying all of this because you knocked me up, are you?”

 He shook his head and moved his hands up to her face, pulling her in for a kiss. “You didn’t kiss me back just because I…knocked you up, did you?”


 “So how about I take you out tonight on a proper date? We can celebrate,” he suggested.

 “Sounds good,” she agreed and he pulled her in for another kiss. “Jack?”

 “Hmm?” he mumbled against her lips.

 “Do I smell cupcakes?”

 He chuckled as he turned around and grabbed the box of cupcakes he set on her desk when he came in and opened the lid for her.

 “Awesome. And I’m eating two. Because I can do that without guilt for the next seven months.”

 Jack smiled as she pulled the wrapper off her first cupcake. He spread his hand across her stomach. “Everything’s okay?” he asked.

 “My first appointment is next week. You can come if you want,” she offered.

 “Absolutely. You’re not getting rid of me now.”

 “Happy Birthday to me,” she smiled as she kissed him then reached for another cupcake.